Spark Plugs Affects Fuel Consumption

Earlier I mentioned about using the right spark plugs for the K3-VET. I was using the spark plugs with the wrong gap and averaging 11.5km/l (bad). Its been 2 weeks since I changed to the correct spark plugs and my fuel consumption are as below:

All RON95 petrol

346.4km @ 27.105 litres, 12.77km/l

360.3km @ 28.211 litres, 12.77km/l

311.5km @ 24.050 litres, 12.95km/l

385.6km @ 28.580 litres, 13.49km/l

I can safely conclude that using the correct IK22 spark plugs in the K3-VET engine has improved my fuel consumption consistently. I thought my old spark plugs were IK20, but they were actually the similarly specification NGK Iridium BKR6EIX-11 with 1.1mm gap for the Myvi K3-VE.

NGK Iridium BKR6EIX-11

Used NGK Iridium BKR6EIX-11 for sale at a bargain. Only RM50 with free Poslaju nationwide. Perfect for your Myvi 1.3L K3-VE 05 to 07.

I see a lot of people recommending IK20 for K3-VET, which is the wrong plugs. You can listen to them or you can listen to Denso Japan.

9 thoughts on “Spark Plugs Affects Fuel Consumption”

  1. Almost 8l/100km for a 1300cc car when everyting is fine??? Man, you must own a petrol station.
    Was looking into buying one of those but that really puts me off.
    Is it at least any fun to drive? 100kW @ 1000kg doesn’t sound too bad.

  2. @Kiwi
    I travel short distances, about 20km each journey. Coupled with my anchor foot I think the fuel consumption is about there. It is definitely fun to drive with the turbocharged engine as the response is immediate due to its small turbo and light weight. Don’t expect it to be a sports car or anything but it’ll give most naturally aspirated cars up to 2L a run for the money.

  3. That’s exactly what I am expecting. I have to commute 50km per way each day and my Familia gets a bit boring over the time. On the other hand I don’t want to spent a fortune on petrol and also I don’t need a large car (got a station wagon as a backup), so someting that has more grunt while not being oversized would be the right thing. And proper sports cars are just outside of my wallet size in terms of buying and running costs

  4. hey bro, this sound like we are facing the same issue 🙂

    I bought wrong spark plug (Denso IK 22) for my stock K3-VE engine. do you want to swap with me?

  5. Jason :
    You can reach me at contact at

    hey bro, i tried this email contact[@] but the mail failed to deliver. can you email me tru the email address in my comment link?

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