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Battery Change: GP Aurora NS40ZL Maintenance Free

May 6th, 2012

I was away for a week, and when I was back my Yuasa NS60 wet battery was flat. It was a little over a year old, and I noticed it was cranking a little weak last month. I thought if I went with a larger capacity battery it would fare better, but I guess not. Jump started the car and went to my buddy’s workshop to test the battery. Alternator is working fine, just the battery that is flat. Too lazy to charge it back and decided to just get a new one.

The other 2 cars in my house uses GP MF batteries, and had an average lifespan between 2 to 3 years. Before the Yuasa I was using the top of the line Bosch S5, which was utter rubbish for “top of the line” as it lasted only 14 months. The other car with GP Battery can sit for 2 weeks and start just fine. Not the case with my car.

GP Aurora, Made in Korea!


Decided to go back to NS40 this time around, lighter, smaller, and the battery is only used to start the car, even the mighty Mitsubishi Evolution uses NS40 batteries only. Reminder to myself, the battery tray is pretty rotten so I should get a new one from Perodua.

It's big and it's flat.


I thought the bigger NS60 would last me longer, guess not. I always made sure to refill the battery water, so its not the battery drying up. Let’s see how long the GP Aurora lasts me. Hopefully 2 years. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

The new GP Aurora MF Battery installed in the Myvi Turbo.


Price is RM190 installed. I know its probably not the best price, but it was done by the best mechanic I know.

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